Soransh Singh

I'm a Web Developer and a Programming enthusiast. Motivated to develop professionally and ready to accept new challenges



This calculator app will be a great test of your CSS and JS skills especially. If you're wanting to practice using Grid, this challenge will be perfect for you!

Insure Landing Page

Test your layout skills with this HTML & CSS only landing page. This challenge is perfect if you're starting to get confident in laying out web pages.

loopStudio Landing Page

This challenge is perfect if you're looking to test your CSS Grid chops. Even without Grid, this project will be a fun one to help you practice your layout skills!

Social Media Dashboard

This challenge will be a perfect chance to practice your Grid skills. The color theme switcher also adds a nice additional test.


  • • ReactJS • Javascript
  • • CSS3 • sass
  • • Krita • Figma
  • • Python • Django
  • • C++ • Java



  • • Frontend Development
  • • music and Reading Novels
  • • Sketching